Monday, July 20, 2009

Yarn wrapped bracelet

After making a couple of these bracelets, I felt like Wilma Flinstone when I wore it. I made 2 of these for my mom for her birthday and they were pretty easy to make. I found the idea on Infarrantly Creative and loved it. She has a great tutorial there, so check out her site!

I did do a couple things differently. I used fancier yarn (Alpaca for the brown and a twisty one for the yellow bracelet) since I wanted a dressier look. And I found it tricky to wrap the yarn around the wood ball - maybe my fingers aren't nimble enough :)
So here's the trick I used to hold the ball in place so I could wrap the yarn around it easier . . . I slid the ball down the handle of a paint brush to keep it tight in place and that made things 100x easier. I almost gave up by the second ball until I searched for a solution.
I forgot to take a picture of the 2nd bracelet before I wrapped them up and gave them to my Mom, but here's a picture of the yarn I used to give you an idea. I used a brown ribbon to tie on it for embelishment.

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