Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Info Blocks

I made another 2 sets of the baby name blocks. I made one new set for my daughter and another for a friend's baby.

I also cut out vinyl butterflies with my cricut to add detail.
Here's the first set I made for my son last summer.
I've been asked for the dimensions of the blocks and how I made them . . .

The tall block is 2.5"x4"
Top long block is 5.5"x2.5"
Bottom long block is 5.5"x1.5"
  • Basically, I designed the vinyl layout for my Cricut using the "Sure-cuts-a-lot" program on my computer and then cut the wood to fit the sizing of the letters.
  • Sand, paint, and distress the wood with an ink pad
  • apply the vinyl


  1. Those are so cute! it looks like those are some healthy babies weighing in at 9+ pounds!

  2. They're all so cute! You do great work!

  3. Super cute! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  4. What an adorable idea!!! I think I am going to make these for my son's room. I would love to feature these on my blog tomorrow. http://oopsey-daisy.blogspot.com/ Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love those!! Thanks for the great idea

  6. I found you!!! Super cute Serena!! I will have to make one for addisyn! I've enjoyed looking at your blog! So many cute things! I'm definately saving your blog address!

  7. LOVE THEM ...how did you make them? bggianakos@yahoo.com

  8. What is the size of the wood you used? Love this idea, I am going to try it out...love the font too!