Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peppermint Candy Pillow

I made this last year using a tutorial/pattern I found on I didn't take pictures of the process, but I remember that this project drove me crazy, and I almost gave up and threw it away several times.

But I stuck with it and I like the end result. I just remember that the instructions weren't making sense to me so I had to sit there and study and tinker with the fabric for a while. The part I had problems figuring out was that the red is just a solid circle and the white is the spirals sewn on top - and my pieces weren't matching up so I had to tinker with it.

To finish it off, I used netting to wrap it in with ribbon on the ends. I love it now, but last year, I hated it.


  1. Super cute! I know how some projects have to "cool off" before you start liking them... sounds like you had quite the time with this one!

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