Monday, January 30, 2012

Box of Princesses

I have loved painting peg people - here were some previous ones I did for my son.  But when I saw this idea by Lil Blue Boo, I decided to do another round of peg people.  I ended up making 3 sets...that's 24 dolls to paint.  It took about 2 weeks of nap times to do this - but it was fun. 

**Just an apology about my photos for a while.  Our house got broken into last week and one of the things they stole was our way awesome camera - a Nikon D80 :(  so my pictures for the forseeable future will be from my phone - which isn't anywhere near as good quality as my camera was.  Luckily, I had emptied the memory stick a couple days before we were robbed (all except for the photos of these peg dolls - so I had to get my friend to send me pics of the finished set with the lunch box since I had already given it away.)

My 6 year old niece was the initial recipient of these, and then I decided that I wanted to make a set for my 2 year old and a friend's 2 year old as well.  But the 2" dolls are a bit of a choking hazard to that age.  So I saw the set from Homemade by Jill and she found some 3.5" dolls online.  Both the 2 year olds love Tinkerbell, so I added her in - even though she's not technically a "princess."  I'm so grumpy about my stolen pictures.  My phone pics don't do these justice - Snow White turned out awesome, and I painted Rapunzel's hair with a metallic gold/yellow since her hair glows when she sings :)

Here you can see the back of the dolls - to get the hair details I did.  No one posted how they did the hair in the back, so it took a while to figure out how to get some of them to look just right.
Also, here's a pic of one of each size in my hand so you can see the size difference.
**I found the lunch box at Jo-Anns and just added the white and yellow vinyl to the front.  I also lined the inside with felt so that the dolls didn't get as bumped around and so that it's a bit quieter

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lacing Cards

I've wanted to make some sort of lacing cards for a couple years now, either out of wood or laminated shapes.  I finally opted for the laminated style.  I designed number cards and printed them on 4x6 photo paper, then laminated them.
I didn't have a hole punch to reach all the way in around the numbers, so I used the old school "eyelet setter" (the 4mm size).  It wasn't as fast or clean as a hole punch would have been, but it got the desired effect.  The shoe laces I got are too long, but they work.  I keep these in my church bag to help keep the kids calm on Sundays.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sewing with Oliver + S

Here are a couple more things I made from this book by Oliver + S.  You can buy it, but I checked it out from the library.

Doll/Teddy Bear Carrier - My daughter has recently taken an interest in swaddling her baby dolls and carrying them around and pretending like they are sleeping, so I thought this was a good fit for her.
Red Riding Hood Cape - An addition to build my daughter's dress up outfits.  It's a little big on her for now, but it should fit her in a year or so.  This turned out cute, but it was a lot of work since it's fully lined.