Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Owl container

My nephew had a birthday last month and his momma loves owls, so when I found this owl made out of an oatmeal conatiner, I figured that was an awesome way to wrap the present.  Everything I gave as a present fit in there perfectly!

My oatmeal container was a lot bigger than the small one used in the tutorial, so I had to adjust the measurements for my container...easy to do if you just measure and mark on the container where you want the sections to go.

My only trouble was keeping the paper glued to the container at the top when I folded it down to make the top of the head...I just had to add tape along to top edges to keep it attached.

The yellow part of the eyes I made from yellow satin that I cut in circles and seared with a lighter - carefully- to make it curl up.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Minute Father's Day questionnaire

I saw this idea months ago and pinned it for safe keeping :)

It was fun to ask my 4 year old the questions and get his answers.  My favorite was when I asked "what color is Daddy's hair?" and he said "just like mine...see, mom" and he was pulling on his hair to show me his hair.  They don't have the same color hair at all, so I'm guessing he was trying to tell me that they have the same hair cut.  Or that they both have hair...not sure.

I just printed it out on cute scrapbook paper and dug through my boxes in the garage for a frame I wasn't using at the moment - and now we have something cute my husband can put on his desk at work!

**I found the top hat, mustache, and bow tie images by doing a "mustache clip art" search on Google. and then combined them in photoshop.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nautical Pillow

I'm in the process of switching my son's room to a Nautical theme.  Here's a cover I made for a throw pillow to go on his bed.

I like to make the envelope style of covers so that I can change them out when my decorating mood changes.  I've been using this tutorial for a few years.

I did do a few things to add detail:
     * I added piping around the edges - sewn onto the pillow front, then clipped the corners of the piping while sewing so that it would curve better...then sewed on the back pieces
     * I added a vertical stripe and an anchor applique by freezer paper stenciling it onto the fabric

I found this sailboat home dec fabric when I was in Portland a couple weeks ago at Fabric Depot.  It's a good thing I don't live in Portland - our fridge would be empty in order to buy all the cute fabric there.