Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lacing Cards

I've wanted to make some sort of lacing cards for a couple years now, either out of wood or laminated shapes.  I finally opted for the laminated style.  I designed number cards and printed them on 4x6 photo paper, then laminated them.
I didn't have a hole punch to reach all the way in around the numbers, so I used the old school "eyelet setter" (the 4mm size).  It wasn't as fast or clean as a hole punch would have been, but it got the desired effect.  The shoe laces I got are too long, but they work.  I keep these in my church bag to help keep the kids calm on Sundays.


  1. Love the bright colors! Would you be willing to share your printable?

  2. SmallTownLife...I'm having issues uploading the documents for these lacing cards - Your profile doesn't have an email listed, so can you email me at serena(dot)gerke(at)gmail.com, and I'll email you the documents. thanks!

  3. You are so creative!! I NEVER thought about printing them on 4X6 photo paper and laminating them! I'm going to make a set!