Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yarn "Love" Letters

I stumbled on an amazing new blog - My Sister's Suitcase.  I love the crafts they've done so far and see this as a top blog I follow!

They made these awesome yarn letters for Valentine's Day.  I have a ton of yarn in the garage - the benefit of having a sister that crochets like crazy and gives me most of her left over yarn from her finished projects.  So I dug around for a while and found 3 colors that would give this Ombre effect - red, fuschia, and light pink.
**Be sure to check out the photos of the original - my fuzzy phone picture doesn't do it justice.

I had trouble with the "O" since it was curved and not straight like the others.  I'm still not happy that the yarn lines aren't all horizontal.  Believe me, I tried, but had too many issues, so I just ended up doing it in the round way like the example.  I love how they turned out and am excited to have a larger decoration.  Most of my Valentine's Day stuff is small, and stacked the way this is, it's about 16 inches tall.


  1. This is brilliant way of conveying your love message. Thanks for this.

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  2. Serena!!! Thank you so much for trying out our project... they look amazing! I am super excited and we will definitely be including you when we do a follow-up post on our letters :) I want to feature anyone who tries them out (so far I have you and one other person!) How long did it take you, out of curiosity? Thanks again for featuring our letters! So happy to have you as a new follower!