Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Minute Father's Day questionnaire

I saw this idea months ago and pinned it for safe keeping :)

It was fun to ask my 4 year old the questions and get his answers.  My favorite was when I asked "what color is Daddy's hair?" and he said "just like mine...see, mom" and he was pulling on his hair to show me his hair.  They don't have the same color hair at all, so I'm guessing he was trying to tell me that they have the same hair cut.  Or that they both have hair...not sure.

I just printed it out on cute scrapbook paper and dug through my boxes in the garage for a frame I wasn't using at the moment - and now we have something cute my husband can put on his desk at work!

**I found the top hat, mustache, and bow tie images by doing a "mustache clip art" search on Google. and then combined them in photoshop.


  1. Sooo cute Sis! Dad and I laughed all the way thru this. What a fun keepsake. He is adorable, but I might be biased :)

  2. so so beautiful... ㅠㅠ this one makes me cry. REALLY SWEET!!

  3. Hey serena one of my friend's of friend love your blog I told my friend Erika and her friend is like you who is good and love crafting. Here is her website.
    This friend has a daughter like you ^^