Monday, September 24, 2012

Insulated Casserole Carrier & Etched Dish

My cousin got married earlier this month, so for her bridal shower, I made a casserole carrier.  I used a contrasting fabric as the lengthwise wrap to add some fun detail.

I also etched the Pyrex dish with her new last name.  That way she'll always know which dish is her's at a potluck.

A few tips -
**I used the tutorial from here, but made the alterations from here (rounded corners and belting instead of straps)
**My Pyrex dish was longer but narrower than the dish used in the tutorial, so if you make one of these, make sure to measure your dish and adjust the dimensions (with seam allowances and overlapping for the velcro).
**frustratingly, the new Pyrex is longer than my Pyrex - they made the handles/lid different, so when I make one for myself, I'll need to start over and measure again :(

I'm happy with how this turned out, but it was so frustrating to make - mostly because I had to figure out my own dimensions.  The first go-round, one of my pieces wasn't long enough to velcro closed - not sure how that happened since I measured and gave extra room, so I had to get out the seam riper and cut out more fabric on one piece.  Glad I started this project a couple weeks early cause it went in my "sewing time-out" for a week (i put it away for a while where I can't see it if I'm really mad/frustrated with it.  Then after a while, I'm refreshed and ready to start over). 

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  1. It turned out really cute. I like how you etched it with nice big letters and on the side! I of course really like the colors of the cute casserole cover too.