Monday, August 10, 2009

Market Skirt

I fell in love with these skirts from Dana at MADE.
She made them and did a giveaway a few months back, and I was crossing my fingers that she would create a tutorial for these skirts - and she DID! I was using my scrap fabric, and I didn't have enough to make the standard size in the tutorial. So I made one that should fit a 1 year old by multiplying it all by a certain percentage (i don't remember what number I used anymore - but i figured it all out by measuring my son's waist since he's in that age range) But then a week or so later, Dana put up instruction help for making it smaller or larger - posted on her site as well. Since the skirt was smaller, I shrunk the pocket too.

This skirt was fun to make - I got to use my grandma's serger on it that I recently acquired!

Button holes still scare me, so I just sewed the pocket shut with the button - I figured my daughter won't be putting things in her pocket when she turns 1, so I got to skip button holes :)

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