Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Set of Curtains

After making curtains for my daughter's room, I set out to make some for my son. Don't be alarmed by the black paint on the bottom half of the wall . . . it's chalkboard paint. But for now, it looks pristine - I haven't been brave enough to give him any chalk yet.
The fabric is a charcoal gray - but it looks like black in the picture. And the red fabric is actually not so bright in real life either. I found this fabric in the red tag clearance section at Jo-Anns and then matched the red to the spray paint I used on his dresser.

I kinda followed the same measurements I ended up with for my daughter's curtain, but then I added some extra fabric at the bottom - with the stripes going the opposite direction as the top section. I also added blackout fabric to the back as well, to help keep the sunlight out during nap times.
These curtains just have a casing at the top that the curtain rod slides through. I'm so through making curtains for a while. It's stressful trying to work with large amounts of fabric and also trying to get the red stripe to line up on both pieces was a headache. But I'm happy with how they turned out.


  1. Every time I make curtains I vow it will be the last time. I can't count how many times that's been now, though. ;) I love the way you have the little section of stripes horizontal on the bottom to contrast with the vertical above. Very clever!

  2. These look good! The red adds a great pop of color. I also like the ones you made for your daughter!


  3. I love the way these look! the red stripe is great. And I love the chalk board on the bottom of your son's room, I'd probably wait awhile for the chalk too lol

  4. You are amazing! You inspire me to CONSIDER learning how to sew ;-). Also Ethan's tool belt is soo cute, and I love the chalk board paint idea. So fun!

  5. Many people in usa said cortains are old fashioned but persnolly I love courtains than blind haha(don't tell alex)! In Korea, cortaina are more common than blind. I love it!