Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Diaper Bag

I made this diaper bag from Simplicity 2924 . . .
The pink fabric is one that I had be eyeing at Jo-Anns for months, but couldn't bring myself to pay the $10 a yard they were asking. Well, my patience paid off. I found it in the red tag clearance section for $5 a yard . . . but even better, they were having a 50% off sale on red tag fabrics . . . so it was only $2.50 a yard. The green striped fabric was left over from a Ralph Lauren sheet I've been cutting up for months (bought at goodwill). And the interfacing and ribbon are scraps left over from other projects. So all in all, this probably cost me about $4 in materials (and I got the pattern for .99 cents at the last sale).
It was the most detailed/involved pattern I've used before. It was easy, but took a lot of attention. I used lining, interfacing, elastic, made interior pockets, side pockets, pleats, and a fabric flower. It took me several days, but that's just cause I run out of energy quickly being 8 months pregnant, and trying to fit in the cutting/sewing during nap times. I'm very happy with how it turned out.
The pattern called for a ribbon bow on the front, but I decided to take some of the fabric scraps and make a flower instead. I put the green fabric strip on top of the pink one, and sewed a gathering stitch down the middle. Then I wound it into a circular shape as I sewed it on.
Side pockets for bottles or sippy cups.
There are 4 interior pockets . . .
For my son, I had been using a diaper bag my sister made me from an Amy Butler pattern. She told me she will never make that pattern again - I guess it drove her nuts. Anyway, that diaper bag has been beat up over the last 18 months, plus, this time, I wanted a diaper bag that had the flap to close - I drop things out of my current one too much and it's huge, so I tend to over stuff it.


  1. This is so cool! I was actually reading your blog earlier, for the first time and at that time I was putting the finishing touches on the exact same pattern! I think we bought the pattern at the same time! I love how my bag turned out! I plan on blogging about it alittle bit later! I only have 2 inside pockets but I love the way it came out! It is a Christmas present for my Sister in law who wanted a diaper bag for christmas! She is a month behind me in my pregnancy and I love making the bag for someone else first! Now I know the changes I want to make to it! I will deffitly be making one from this pattern for myself! Only thing I changed this first time is that I added fusible fleece to the pattern to give some sturcture! I LOVE it!
    Your Bag came out super cute too! I need to go sheet shopping! I love your idea on using the sheet for the lining! Way more fabric for the Money!
    Sorry For Rambling!

  2. It is gorgeous! I love the colors. Your fabric flower is perfect! Great job! I love the price too!

  3. This really nice! I would have used it as a diaper bag for my daughter!

    The fabric is beautiful and, I'm sure, well worth the wait!

  4. So cute my girl. How proud am I of you using the sewing skills that your Momma taught you. Who knew that sewing down those lines on paper with no thread would someday lead to this!! :) Beautiful job!!