Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Super Saturday Crafts

We had a craft day (Super Saturday) at our church last Saturday. I didn't sign up for all the crafts, but here are the ones I did end up making.
1. Fabric Strip Flowers - We took a long strip of fabric that was about 1-1.5" wide and using a needle and thread, stitched a running stitch up the edge of one side, then gathered it and twisted it into a circle and stitched it closed. Then I stitched on a button in the center. We glued an alligator clip to the back so it can be used as a hair clip.
2. Stamped Tile Coasters - These were made in sets of 4. We used "Stayz On" ink and stamed onto tiles. (there's a good tutorial for this on Trey and Lucy)
3. Gift Jars - There were 3 different options for these jar mixes. I made 2 of the Santa's Peppermint Chocolate bars. The ingredients are measured and stacked in the jars. Then you tie a paper on the jar with the recipe and any other ingredients that need to be added (like butter or eggs) and how to make it.
4. Hand Soap w/ Transparancy - The text was printed on transparancy sheets and then we cut them up and stuck them in an empty soap bottle. Then we poured in the soap.
5. Quoted Tile - These are the tiles that I actually cut all the vinyl for. I ended up cutting about 82 sheets of these (2 different quotes). They are 12"x12" and the vinyl was rubbed onto the tile. I can't find my plate holder to display it on.

There were other crafts . . .
1. zipper/cell phone charms
2. pumpkin spice muffin mix
3. hot cocoa mix
4. fabric backed plates (mod podge fabric to the back of a clear, glass plate (not diswasher safe)

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  1. It's fun to see what the different wards come up with for their Super Saturdays. Our ward had ours a couple weeks ago, but it was "wonderful wednesday," and held in the evening! :) I'll have to post soon about what I made! Thanks for sharing!