Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beaded Coasters

I made these about 6 years ago, so I don't have pictures of the process. But I'll explain it . . .

Supplies (I got all of these at Jo-Anns):
thin cork circles
Small circle mirrors
seed beads

1. Thread hundreds of bead on the thread (this took forever, but I remember watching t.v. at my parent's house while doing this)
2. glue the circle mirror in the center of the cork - this is optional, but I didn't really want a full bead coaster
3. while the glue was still tacky under the mirror, I tucked one end of the thread under it to hold it into place
4. begin winding the beaded thread around the mirror from the center out, gluing as you go (keep beads tight on thread and tight against the previous row)
5. when you get to the end of the cork, glue the other end of the thread to the bottom of the cork
6. cut a circle of felt (slightly smaller than the cork so it doesn't show from the top) and glue it to the bottom of the cork
7. let dry, and you're done

I've been using these for about 6 years now and they've held up tremendously well. I have to keep them out of the reach of my son since he tries to chew on them.


  1. Cute Coasters! Now, if only i had the time to make some of these! :D

  2. These are beautiful. I wish had the time and patience to deal with all those tiny beads.