Friday, March 5, 2010

Dana's 90 Minute Shirt - I tried . . .

I tried Dana's 90 Minute Shirt - which meant making my own pattern. But it was free - I used an old t-shirt that used to be my brother-in-law's (which I intercepted on it's way to goodwill) and the red ribbing was from an old tank top of mine. It lookes better in the picture than in person. When he moves, it bunches up around the neck line and at the shoulders. So it looks like a bunched up turtleneck :( So while he was watching Cars, I took my "mark-b-gone" pen and drew on the shirt where I need to cut and re-sew the neck line. He kept looking at me funny since I was drawing on the shirt while he was wearing it.

So that means that tonight I have a date with a seam ripper and the couch. And this took me from about 10am till 5pm today (with many, many stops to feed the baby or help Ethan with whatever he was doing. The longest part was trying to create a pattern. The sewing went really easy and fast. So I can see how once you have a pattern set, it would be a quick shirt to make. But then you have the problem of your children growing, thus your pattern will always need tweaking.


  1. Ummm, I had the same problem. And still have a date with the seam ripper. I think I figured out what I did wrong (it has to do with the sleeves and where I placed the two collar pieces when I sewed the sleeves on). I'm going to try again... show us when yours gets re-done. :)