Saturday, March 6, 2010

Multi-Washer Necklaces

**I've had a few requests for the directions I wrote up to take to our YW activity . . . you can download it here.**

I found this idea while blog hopping . . . and used it to teach the Young Women (ages 12-18 from church) at our last activity. It took me several tries and over an hour to figure it out the first time. I ended up writing my own instructions for the activity that seemed easier to follow.

You only need 18 washers and 60" of ribbon. I think each necklace came out to around 2-3 dollars each. We used black satin ribbon, but I had also made one out of the pink grosgrain ribbon as well. The satin ribbon is easier to keep the weave tighter, but it gets twisted a lot and you need to straighten it out all the time. The grosgrain is harder to keep the weaving tight, but it's stiffer, so it's easier to work with when threading it through the washers.


  1. Super cute! I just made one and like it a lot! I would love to see your instructions you wrote. The ones on the tutorial were tricky to understand, and I'd love to teach my young women this too! So fun, and pretty cheap!

  2. Hi Serena! I would love to feature you on my website. I LOVE the baby info blocks that you made back in August & would love it if you'd allow that post on my website. The site is Please email me if you are interested. My email is

    Thanks! Love your blog!


  3. Thank you for this idea. My friend and I made some last night. I'm so glad my friend was there to help, because I got totally stumped! It was really easy, like you said, once I got the hang of it! I had many comments at church today, with a YW leader even asking how to make them for our Laurels! You are wonderful! Thank you!

  4. I am in charge of crafts at girls camp and thought this was cute. I would love your "easier" instructions!! Thanks:

  5. I how yours turned out, especially the pink ribbon. Here are mine