Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shabby Apple Dress Review & 10% off code

It's time for more about Shabby Apple - they sell women's and little girl's dresses at www.shabbyapple.com.  If you haven't heard of them, be sure to check them out.  They also sell accessories, but they have some of the most gorgeous dresses out there.  When I was contacted about doing a review, I was a bit nervous - I've wanted to own a Shabby Apple dress, but wasn't sure it would look good on me.  I'm still carrying some left over pregnancy weight and don't have the long, lean legs and slender figure that the models do.  I'm 4'11" and that tends to make dresses meant for women heights fit me weird.  So no matter what, I was certain that the dress wouldn't look any where near as good on me as the model in the picture.  But I decided to give it a try and picked one!

I chose the Lighthouse dress from the Set Sail! line ... by far, my favorite line of dresses at the moment.  This dress is a butter yellow color.  It's hard to tell in the pics online.  It looks more ivory online, but once I received it in the mail, it definitely has more of a butter yellow color.  I also like the Overboard dress as well.  I love the pop of red on the dress.
Besides the fact that I didn't match any of the sizes on the sizing chart, I just picked the size that seemed to meet most of my measurements and crossed my fingers.  And guess what!!  It zips up just fine!  I was so happy it fit.  And it hits me a little below the knees since I'm shorter than your average female.  But I think it looks cute on and will look even better if I stick to my new exercise regimen.  I'm so excited to wear this dress this summer.  Now if I could just grow long, lean and tan legs :)

So if you've been hesitant to get a dress from Shabby Apple because you don't have the same body type as the models, don't worry.  I gave it a shot and it worked out just fine.  So head on over and browse through their gorgeous inventory of dresses - Shabby Apple has vintage inspired dress in several different categories, and you can't help but love their collection names:  South Pacific, Up and Away, Carousel, The Berkshires (which has my favorite dress - the Cider Dress), and Oh La La, and many more.

And to help you with your shopping, Shabby Apple has offered Nap Time Craft readers a 10% off code for your shopping pleasure:  naptimecrafts10off - this coupon code expires July 7th.  So hurry up and get a new dress for the summer!

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  1. I love Shabby Apple!! Where the picture of you in your new dress??