Monday, June 6, 2011

4th of July Wreath - Re-post

 Since 4th of July is coming up, I thought I would re-post my wreath from last year...

I have had a couple questions about this wreath posted in comments or emailed to me, so in case you were wondering as well...
- how many stars did I cut?  At least a couple hundred.  I didn't keep count and kept cutting more as I ran out.  It will depend on how close you attach them.
- how big were the stars?  About 2.5 inches across.


  1. Hey Serena! Quick question - I know you said in your original post that you pushed the quilting pin through the middle of each star, but how did you get them to stand out all pointy like that? Did you pin them really close together, almost like folding each up as you pinned the next one? Do you think I could get the same effect by cutting squares (which would be so much easier!)? Thanks!

  2. Very sharp wreath! What would look very nice is a star wreath holder that can be found on

    Sister's Knitch

  3. I loved this and made one for myself...check it out:)I used fleece instead of felt and it still looks good!! Thanks so much for the great inspiration!!

  4. Hi Serena: This is beautiful! Could you give me some help with the stars? Did you use a pattern or just free form cutting? I'd love to make this, but need some help. Thanks!!