Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

My internet is really slow, so I haven't had the patience to post for a while.  But here is a pic of my kid's halloween costumes.
It was a joint effort - my mom and I made different parts of each costume - Luckily, she made the tricky parts of the costumes (Minnie's dress and Batman's head piece - which she had to make 2 of since my children have HUGE heads and we had to go up two sizes to make the head piece fit right.)  Thanks Mom!  They turned out awesome, as always!

Minnie's dress has boning in the bottom to give it that hoop skirt look.  And I didn't think I would find yellow shoes anywhere for her, but then I realized I could buy black ones at goodwill and then spray paint them yellow.  Worked awesome.  But I wouldn't do this for anything other than a costume.  It isn't holding up well - it cracks and scrapes off easier than I hoped.  But it was great for a Halloween costume and looked awesome.

Here's Emeree with our newest family addition - Adam (wearing the lion costume my Mom made 11 years ago and has made it through all 6 grandkids so far)
 And just love this shot of my husband and Emeree at the pumpkin patch- such a sweet shot.  But the rest of the pics of her on his shoulders were of her pulling on his hair.  Glad I got the one cute shot.


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  2. I love the pictures! I miss them very much!! Look at Emeree she is so awesome cute!!! Alex and I wanted to see Emeree and Ethan pictures so long!!
    Finally We can see them!! ^^ I am going to send a package next week for Emeree and Ethan^^

  3. Your children are adorable, your husband is gorgeous, and from the craftiness I've seen on here, you are are beautiful! I've gotten 12 different ideas in the last 20 minutes! Love it!