Friday, December 16, 2011

Craft Day

When I was younger, my mom would get together with her mom and sisters and have a craft day in December that lasted ALL DAY.  Once I was in college, they decided to let their daughters join in.  So it's been a few years now and our group is growing - my grandma, aunts, mom, sister, and girl cousins and the girls that are married/dating my brothers and boy cousins. 

We get to have fun crafts and eat yummy snacks/goodies all day.  Here are a couple of the crafts that we did - different people in the group teach us how to make a craft, or a food or one year my aunt taught us how to make balloon animals.  It's so much fun to get together and to see how everyone's craft can turn out so differently from eachother.

Winter soap - this was the project I brought for everyone to make - a different version of the Halloween Soap.
2x2 Simple Nativity - my mom taught this one to the group - I'm not sure where she found the idea, but she saw it online and found all the pieces at different stores and put together her own kits for us to make at our craft day.  Everyone painted their different colors or didn't paint them at all and left them natural.  It was fun to see the different styles everyone made out of the same kit.


  1. What fun! I need to do something like this with my friends. I love the idea of everyone bringing a craft for all to do rather than us just work on our own things the whole time. I love the 2x2 nativity, so simple & lovely! :)

  2. I absolutely love the nativity one...
    I know you mentioned you're over blogging but I just wanted to let you know I read EVERY post you write and am so thankful for the time and effort you put into inspiring me and helping my home be more festive/artsy.

  3. Cute projects! I do a similar crafty party with my cousins, sisters, aunts, and mom every December. It's so fun to get together each year and catch-up and make fun stuff.