Thursday, December 15, 2011

some recent sewing projects

I've been busy sewing things for my kiddos for Christmas, so here are some of them...

toddler backpack - pattern and tutorial in this book (I just checked it out at the library since I didn't want to spend so much on the book that I would only need for a couple projects)  We are decorating my son's room in a Nautical theme, and this is some outdoor canvas fabric from JoAnns that I have left over.  This backpack was so fun to see come to shape - I enjoyed making it!
car roll ups - made a couple for some of my nephew's birthdays that just came up (tutorial here) my son has used his every sunday during church for the past 3 years and it is one of the best things I've found that keep him quiet during sacrament.

toddler girl apron - made a pattern up myself and got quite frustrated by it, so i don't think anyone would want my pattern with all the headaches - plus I threw it away since I was mad at it.

baby doll diapers - I made a couple different sizes for by daughter's different sized dolls - just used the basic shape and instructions in this tutorial, but had to make my own sizes.


  1. I love your blog. I am a busy mom of three and have no time for crafting and I am inspired by your blog! I found you on Katie Hanley's blog...I hope thats OK!

  2. Those little diapers are so cute! I can't wait til my daughter is older and interested in dolls so I can make some!

  3. You have the greatest ideas! I could spend all day reading through your post but my kids would get pretty mad at me:)