Monday, March 5, 2012

St. Patrick's Mantle Projects

When I dug out my St. Patrick's Day box of decorations, I realized it was quite empty.  I didn't have much.  But thanks to pinterest and my to-do-list, I found a couple quick items to make to fill up the mantle.

Garland - i found this on pinterest, but i never found instructions or a template - just the couple of photos to go on, so I made a couple different sizes to see how they would turn out until I found the size I wanted.  Also, Jo-Ann's selection of green felt stinks.  They don't have a good lime green that's not neon.  So I splurged a little and got a nice green wool felt even though it wasn't the color I was hoping for (only got about 6 inches and still have 1/2 of it left, so you don't need a lot at all).  Then I just strung them on embroidery floss to hang them up.

Leprechaun hat - this was on my to-do-list from last year.  But I made it a bit different.  I didn't want it as thick as the 4x4 would make it, so I cut the brim from a 2x2 and the top from a 2x4.  Also, I added the ribbon/buckle to the top of the hat instead of the brim.

I just have a couple standard candles and change out the ribbons for the different holidays - that way I don't need a bunch of candles - just 3 or 4 to change out colors with.


  1. Thank goodness for pinterest and blogs! Great ways to find and share ideas.
    Love both the hat and the garland. I wish we had more fabric stores, with as many people that craft now you'd think there would be more choices.