Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Knit Racerback Dress

I made this Racerback Dress the day after I saw the post at Crafter Hours.  The tutorial was really easy to follow and I love that the pattern goes from 12month all the way up to size 7-8, so I can keep making this dress for a few more years.  It's a nice and light weight "summer" dress.  It looks adorable on her - she is pulling it behind her a bit in the picture, but there is a little more flare to the bottom of the dress than this picture shows.

Here's the back (my favorite part) - I used a different fabric for the small piece at the top of the back.  I wanted to add some more detail since the fabric of the dress is plain and a bit boring.  Thus the hot pink binding at the neck and arms.

I made this out of an old t-shirt of mine, so that was nice to not have to hem the dress (one less step is always nice).  I also applique'd a heart onto the front to add some more detail.

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  1. Emeree has grown up so much! Can't wait to see her this September! She is total girl now!