Monday, May 21, 2012

Oliver + S Ice Cream Dresses

I made this Oliver + S Ice Cream dress for my daughter in the 6-12 month size...almost 2 years ago.  I still fits her, but as a tunic style shirt.  But I loved this dress on her and decided to make it again.   The red fabric is eyelet - so the texture gave a nice pop.

My daughter is not easy to take pictures of, she doesn't keep the same pose for long enough to position her and then take the picture, so I end up taking about 30 pictures each time and then just have to pick the best ones.  She does make some cute faces, but also some really odd ones.  To keep her distracted during outfit/pose changes, I had to let her drink from the spray bottle. 

This time I made both options/styles of the dress.  This option for the dress wasn't supposed to have the pockets, but I liked it better with them.  And I liked how it tied in the top fabric too.  These dresses take several hours to make each one...but they are easy instructions and turn out adorable.
 She discovered the pockets!


  1. Hi - I'm a new follower here and I just have to say that your little model is so cute! I love the yellow and gray dress too!

    - Sarah @

  2. when I have a daughter, can I have them all for our girl ?? Dresses you made are so adorable and easy to put it on for girls. Sad that I don't live near by you guys!!