Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ribbon Wrapped Candle

I personally don't like the look of plain pillar candles, but I didn't want it to look too busy. This decoration is great to display, but when you want to use the candle or change decorations, they are easy to remove since they're not permanent.

1. Take a plain white candle and measure the circumference, adding a couple inches for the tails on the end
2. Cut that length out of 4 matching ribbons (or however many you want on your candle)
3. Use a tiny hole puncher (or exacto knife), to make the hole so the brads easily go through the ribbon.
4. Then insert the brad through the hole. I used one of the brad legs on the back to position it tight against the candle so the ribbon doesn't slip.

**Warning, it's hard to make that hole in the ribbon with the ribbon wrapped around the candle since the hole punch can't get as close to the candle as you need. So wrap the ribbon around the candle and then mark where you want the hole with a pen on both sides of the ribbon end. Then take the ribbon off and punch the hole through both ends.**

I do have to tighten the brads every 6 months or so when they start to loosen. But you could eliminate that problem by using glue or an adhesive to keep the ribbon in place and just use the brad as decoration.

Tip on ribbon selection: Since the back side of the ribbon shows when you fan out the tails by the brad, you may not want ribbon that is plain white on the back. I picked ribbon that had the design on both sides or if it was solid, I just made sure it looked nice on the back too.
These are really fast and easy to make and they make great presents. I made a bunch for family members for Christmas using ribbon that would match each of their homes.

~ Serena

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