Saturday, June 13, 2009

Toddler Hair Clips

I don't have a little girl yet, so I'm making these in a hopeful effort :). If not for me, then 2 of my sister-in-laws are pregnant and due the same month I am, so chance are 1 of us will have a girl.

I bought a big box of the 2 pronged alligator clips and fixed them up to be a lot cuter. I'm still working on more embelishments and trying to finish a 4th of July set as well. These will hopefully be one of the first things I try to sell on Etsy or another way. I love making them and the possibilities are endless with ribbons and embelishments.
I just can't go too crazy making a ton of them yet or my husband will think I'm jinxing things and will have another boy instead of girl.


  1. Cute name for your blog. Creative! I love these clips, how do you think I would look in them :)

  2. I would suggest using Snap clips for a newborn. My daughter is 16 months old & I still use snap clips. They stay in even the littlest bit of hair. Just make sure to only put the ribbon around the top of the snap clip so that the hair has something to attach itself too. I have pictures on my computer if you would like me to email you what I am talking about, lol.