Monday, July 20, 2009

Fabric Reversible Headband

I've seen headbands all over the internet and decided to make my own - including creating a pattern! I saw this idea on someone's blog a few months ago, but didn't see a pattern or tutorial there, so I decided to try this from "scratch."

This was the first time I've created my own pattern. I traced one of my plastic headbands that I liked the style of and added width for the seams and length to go all the way around my head instead of ending at the ears like it did. It took a few tweaks and changes, but I was successful. I made 2 different patterns that can be printed out. Here is the link to the patterns I made. One is a wide center (like the pictures below) and the other pattern is for a straight/square band.

I like headbands, but I always get tired of wearing them when the plastic ends start squishing my head. So I wanted one with elastic so that I didn't have to have anything squishing my head. I'm actually wearing the yellow one now and it has stayed in place all day and hasn't bothered my head at all!
Supplies needed:
  • Pattern
  • 2 scraps of fabric that are 20"x3"
  • 1 piece of interfacing that is 20"x3"(optional, but makes the headband firmer)
  • elastic at least 4" long
  • optional (ribbon to go the length of the headband on a solid fabric)
Step 1
Cut out fabric and interfacing using the pattern

Step 2
If interfacing is fusible, Iron it to the wrong side of one of the pieces of fabric

Step 3
With right sides together, sew down the 2 long sides of the headband with 1/4" seam allowances (don't sew the small ends!!) The interfacing will be visible on one side too.

Step 4
Turn the headband right side out. This is kinda tricky! I started using the stick end of a paint brush to get going and then once I was far enough in, I put my finger inside the band (like the picture below) and used my thumb to slide the fabric through. It took awhile, but make sure you go slow so you don't rip out the seams on the side. (I did that on my first one - oops!) Once you get to the halfway mark, it goes really fast.

Step 5
Iron the headband flat to make sure the seams are flat before topstitching

Step 6
Sew down the long sides again - this time on the right sides of the headband to tack it in place. I didn't measure how far in I sewed the stitch, but just pick where you want the topstitch to be.

Step 7
Attach elastic to both ends by inserting it 1/4" to 1/2" in the headband end then stitch across the headband's end making sure to catch the elastic.

Step 8
I tried a couple different ways to finish off the ends so they looked prettier. On the brown headband, I did a tight zigzag stitch that covered the entire end so you wouldn't see the stitch.

But on the yellow headband, I cut a few inches of ribbon and wrapped the end, sewing it down across the middle of the ribbon and on both ends (if you use a thinner ribbon, you would be fine to just sew down the middle.

I liked the ribbon capped look on the ends the best.


  1. I love your tutorial! Thanks so much, I am actually following it right now!

  2. Super cute headbands! I love them and the tutorial is easy to follow. I like your idea of using ribbon down the middle on one of the sides!