Friday, August 6, 2010

Smocked Knit Dress

I was at the dollar store yesterday and found these knit scarves that were originally from target and say they are for belts, scarves, or headband wraps . . . but I had a different idea for them.
After I washed and ironed them, I decided to make a smocked knit dress. I only needed 2 of the colors to get the length of the dress - and I only used half the pink and purple, so I can make a skirt for her later with them too.

I just sewed the purple to the pink and smocked the top with elastic thread and sewed up the side seam to make the full tube. They already came with the edges serged, so I decided not to make a hem. To finish it off, I just sewed on ribbon to tie at the shoulders.

I'll probably cut down the ribbon soon, but she wouldn't quit pulling at them long enough for me to measure and get good bows. So later, I guess. Next, I need a hair clippie to match. But I'd rather have hair on her head first - Im getting tired of only using headbands since she has no hair :)