Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scripture Covers & Tote

I made covers for my scriptures - and a tote bag as well. I dont' have a tutorial - didn't take pictures along the way and don't really have a solid technique yet. I made both a little differently - still trying to find a good method. If you want to make one, just measure the book, add a little for the seam allowances and then add about 6 inches to the width so it covers over to the inside to make the flap. My problem is with the velcro closure - that makes it tricky trying to get a good technique. If I didn't do a closure, it would be very simple to make - but of course, I don't want to do anything the easy way :) By the time I figure out how I want to make it, I'll have a few sets - enough to match different outfits for church!

Next, I needed a tote bag, but didn't have an extra placemat, and the kids were taking naps, so I couldn't run to the store. But then I thought . . . "I have a ton of fabric and can measure one of my kitchen placemats to get the dimensions and make one from scratch." Since it wasn't a placemat with finished edges, I had to make a lining. So I basically made one of my placemat totes from this post. And then I paired it with this post's technique on making a bag with a lining.

The outside is black courderouy (hard to tell from the picture) and the lining is just extra cotton scraps I had left over from another project.


  1. thats so cute! thanks for sharing :).. this will be a perfect gift for my grandmother for Christmas!

  2. Brilliant! Now I can cover my ugly but well marked (and loved) scriptures from Seminary. Thanks so much for the great idea! I think I will use my poly resin snap press for the closures though. Love it! :)

  3. Super cute! I've been thinking about making a cover for mine for awhile now and I just love how you did yours, thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. I love the covers! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your final method!