Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ice Cream Dress by Oliver + S

My Fabulous Mother-in-Law (and my father-in-law too) gave me the pattern for the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress for my birthday. They also gave me the Birthday Party dress pattern as well!

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the neck has a "v" notch in the center and there are 2 pockets on the front. The pattern size I made was 6-12 months, but it's huge on my 8 month old, so I think it probably won't fit her till she's 1 . . . so I guess I'll just be making a few of these until then.

I've been wanting this pattern for a while . . . there are other variations to make from the pattern as well - a blouse and a three tiered dress too. This wasn't hard for me to make, but it was very time consuming. It took me 2 days of naps and one evening after the kids were in bed to make this, but it was well worth the time.


  1. I like the title of your blog, 'Nap Time Crafts'. I have a 1 year old and the only time I can sew is also when she's asleep at 8pm onwards. So I can really relate to you, :)

    I love the baby dresses you have made for you cute little darling so far. I am also making dresses for my baby. Cheers!

  2. lovelovelovelovelove the dress!!!! (and happy belated birthday)