Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall Wreath

I made this wreath last year, but it was swiftly put into moving boxes without ever hanging up, so I finally pulled it out of it's box and get to enjoy it!!  I like the look of the square wreath - all the rest of my wreaths are circles, so this is a fun change.

This was a really easy and inexpensive wreath; here are the supplies:
  • wire coat hanger
  • fake leaves (from the dollar store - I think I used 3 or 4 packs)
  • wired ribbon
  • mini hole punch
First, bend your hanger into a square.  With the opening at the top, thread the hanger through the leaves.  The leaves were hard to just poke through with the hanger, so I punched a hole in the center with my mini hole punch. 

I used wire cutters to cut off the loop (the top of the hanger) and bent the ends in toward the leaves to hide them.  Then attach the ribbon and hang!


  1. I love everything about this wreath! Just featured it with your adorable felt turkey.

    Thanks for sharing such great ideas! :)

  2. I LOVE this wreath! So cute and easy!

    I featured you on my tumblr blog: