Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toddler Friendly Christmas Advent

I'm nervous to let my 2 year old have access to the advent calendar I made him last year - since it's not indestructible.  So, I went searching for an advent that he could participate in.  And I found this one.  It's the paper chain idea - but out of fabric/velcro so that you can reuse it from year to year. 

I had a hard time finding Christmas fabrics that had small enough print and matched eachother (but I did buy them in September to make as a possible Super Saturday project - so there was less of a selection then).  Surprisingly, I don't have pinking shears, so I had to borrow my Grandma's.  This was an easy craft to make, but very time consuming - measuring, cutting, ironing the pieces together . . .but the worst was sewing all the velcro on.  24 strips of fabric means 2 pieces of velcro per strip = 48 little squares to sew on.

But my son loves it.  He un-velcros them and then connects them as a long string instead of loops.