Friday, November 12, 2010

Turkey Hair Clip

I found this idea on Nancy's Couture - featured on several different blogs already.  So chances are, you've already seen this project.

I was making mine for an infant, so I wanted it smaller.  I cut my ribbons shorter to 2" and still ended up cutting more off when I got them positioned on the turkey body.  My turkey body measured 1.25" instead of the 2" in the tutorial.  Plus, I wanted it to not overwhelm her head - especially since she has no hair to add cuteness to.  So the clip would be the only focus on her bald little head.

And changing the headband changes the look altogether.  I think I like the yellow or brown headband the best.  The white just makes it seem a bit plain and boring.  But the ruffle or lace gives it a girly touch.
Since my turkey is smaller, I didn't have small enough googly eyes to use . . . so I had to paint the eyes on. 


  1. I haven't seen the other ones, but I like the smaller more dainty clips better myself too. These are super cute.

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