Friday, December 17, 2010

Angry Birds Part 2 and 3

Obsessively Stitching posted the tutorial and patterns for the green pig and the blue bird.  Here's my blue bird. . . 
I didn't have any green fleece, so I opted to make my own pattern/design for the black bomb bird.  I think he turned out good.  Though I may end up moving the black dot in the middle of his eyes, he looks more surprised than angry.  The black bird is bigger than the red one in the game, so hopefully I made him bigger.  (The red one is wrapped up for Christmas already so I can't compare it.)
Here's the red one I made a while back.


  1. Those are so fun!! I love playing Angry Birds!

  2. LOVE IT!! Great job with the black one! :o) Hope you'll be able to get the yellow one done in time!

  3. I just found Angry Birds on my brothers phone. My 7 yr. old neice calls it Angry Chics LOL. Now that is what I call it. Very cute. Thanks for sharing.