Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I think I've said I'll never make curtains again...
But I guess I lied.  We finished painting the last room in the house (we've only lived in the house for a year . . . so that's not slow at all, right?).  And after the walls and window sill were painted, The old blinds looked beat up and ugly.  So I ripped them out (actually my husband did) and used the last of my JoAnns gift card from Christmas on some fabric and the curtain rod.  The fabric was 30% off and the rod was already 60% off, but I came armed with a 20% off entire purchase (including sale items) from Michael's that they honored.  So I was sad to use up of my gift card, but I'm loving my curtains.  Actually, I have $1.47 left, so maybe I can buy a button or a candy bar :)

This window is right next to the front door, so we needed something pretty.  This said it was "silk" but I think I remember seeing 100% polyester on the label, so I think it's impostor silk - oh well, I love it.  It's a charcoal gray so that looks nice next to the black computer desk.

It's tricky to iron and sew sheer fabric to silky fabric - it will not stay put.  I guess it would if I pinned it, but I'm lazy and like to get frustrated, I guess.  ( I used sheer on the back side to add a little more bulk and keep out a little more light.)

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  1. First off this fabric is perfect for you, the polka dots just say your name! Secondly, they really turned out great. I bet they make such a big difference in the room too.