Friday, January 28, 2011


I made 5 scarves for family members this past Christmas.  Oddly, all the tutorials came from one person...Susan at Living with Punks.  I made 2 of the Mama Ruffle Scarves, one for my mom and one for my mother-in-law.  She also provieds a template for the Chrysi pin flower (I made mine about half the size though).  I also made one of these and attached it to a hair clip so I can wear it in my hair or on a headband.

I haven't really worked with knit fabric much, so this was kinda fun to try it out on these scarves.  They are really easy to make, but for some reason they took me a loooooong time.  I think I'm too picky with trying to get the ruffles evenly spaced and perfectly lined up along the edge of the scarf.

I also made 3 of the Lil' Dude Scarves.  2 for my nieces (I didn't take a picture of the fully finished scarves for some reason), and one for my father-in-law.  I opted not to add the pocket on the inside - just for sanity sake since I was making 3 and only had one nap time to do it in.  I also sewed my giant button hole/zig-zag stitch BEFORE I cut the opening.  I've tried the way in the tutorial where you cut the slit first and do a tight zig-zag stitch around the edge, but I could never get it to look clean and pretty.  So I sewed the lines first and then clipped between them.
Since the tutorial and dimensions were meant for kids, I had to get longer fabric and add an extra strip to the bottom for my father-in-law's scarf (finished, it was about 60" long instead of the 45" for the children's one).  My husband modeled it for me since I had to test the length on him to make sure it looked okay on an adult.
I think I've made him watch one too many seasons of "America's Next Top Model" since he was trying to "smize" with your eyes.  Sorry Honey, I don't think Tyra would call that a smize :)


  1. Love the smize! And the scarves!

  2. Love the scarfs, but oh how I love the sophisticated smile. It rocks hard!! Thanks for sharing your clever idea!!

  3. Being the lucky owner of the blue/gray scarf I have to say that I love it and wear it a lot. I get a lot of compliments on it too. I like how thin it is. It's a nice change from my thicker scarfs. I find I can wear it all day sometimes and not even know it. Thank you my girl! I love gifts from the heart, they're the best!!