Monday, July 18, 2011

Fort Kit

I saw this idea on MADE during "Celebrate the Boy" back in February.  I fell in love instantly and was just waiting for the perfect recipient to make this for.  Make sure you scroll down on the "MADE" link to see the kits she sells - that's where I saw it first.  The other link is her tutorial.
My niece, Lorelai, is turning 7 this month and she loves to make forts.  So I thought a cool kit just for her (plus a bag to keep it all in) would be perfect.
I was having a hard time finding sheets that were "cute" but not expensive, so I went with solid gray ones and appliqued an "L" on the front corner of them to personalize it a bit.  I sewed ties on the corners and along the long sides like she did in her tutorial.  I did try thrift stores to look for flat sheets, but they were just as expensive as buying new ones - and they didn't match each other.  ($5 for a flat sheet at Wal-Mart)

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