Thursday, July 14, 2011

Citrus Banner/Garland

I never know whether to call these a garland or a banner... oh well.  Anyway, I found these awesome citrus coasters made out of felt and decided that I wanted to adapt the idea into a garland.  I wanted a garland for the summer time, and this is perfect.

I love how it turned out.  Beware, this project takes a long time.  From cutting to sewing, these took several hours.  I only timed the hand stitching - each one took 30 minutes just for me to stitch!  But that's okay, my husband was working till 10pm last night, so I had plenty of quiet time once the kids went to bed and it gave me something to distract me from not liking that i was home alone at night.

The garland is heavy and wouldn't stay up on the mantle like the rest of mine do - hanging from the corners.  I had to attach it flat to the front so it wouldn't flip over and hand awkwardly.  I can't justify buying the gorgeous wool felt that comes in such wonderful colors, so I used what I can get from JoAnns.  And let me tell you, I'm very disappointed in their color selection.  The green and orange are very NEON - blah, and they don't have yellow :(  The pinks they had were great though.  So my colors aren't as scrumptious as the ones at the Purl Bee, but if you didn't have them to compare mine to, mine look great!

And, this was CHEAP - if you didn't already have the felt on hand, it's probably just over a dollar to get one sheet of each color (unless you buy it by the yard).