Friday, July 15, 2011

Pinecone Wreath

I have wanted to make a pinecone wreath for a couple years, but don't have any trees dropping pinecones near my house that I knew of.  But back in February, we went for a walk along the waterfront and spotted a ton of pinecones on the ground. 
This wreath was intended for my mom for her birthday, but she was with me when I found the pinecones, so I had to fess up with my project since she would wonder why I was picking up a ton of pinecones.  But, she probably wouldn't have been that confused.  After all, I am her daughter, and she used to pick them up at random rest stops and parks when I was younger...something we always teased her about.
Anyway, I finally got around to making the wreath, and guess what!  She had totally forgotten about it, so it was still a surprise for her birthday!

Here's the back...
I was going to use a styrofoam wreath, but I would have had to paint it brown and then wait for it to dry - unless I didn't care about seeing white spots between the pinecones.  And I don't have much patience when I want to start a project.  So, I dug through my craft stash and found this old brown branch wreath - perfect match to the pinecone color.  And ironically enough, it was one that my mom had given to me when she was cleaning out her craft stash before she moved. 


  1. Hello! That is a beautiful pinecone wreath! I actually just collected a large bag full of pinecones about a week ago to make a wreath and then I stumbled across your post. I was wondering, how did you attach the pinecones to the wreath? I have seen so many people use the styrofoam and hot glue, but I really like the idea of using a stick wreath for a base instead... it seems more sturdy!

  2. Kath, I just hot glued them to the wreath.

  3. This is beautiful. Did you paint the tips of the pinecones? If so- did you spray paint or use a specific paint?