Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween Costumes

So I meant to post these before Halloween...or at least closer to it than today.  But if you want a couple ideas for next year...

A Green Plastic Army Man

My husband made the bazooka out of pvc, wood, a cup and a bracelet.  We found the idea for the costume here.  And then we added our own touch of the bazooka. 

Then we found clothes at the thrift store and the helmet/vest at Wal-mart in the costume section.  His was pretty easy to make, just took 4 cans of spraypaint and a lot of drying time.  I tried different options to hide his face and make him seem more like a plastic featureless toy.  But the one that worked the best was nothing.  He didn't like the mask like in the tutorial.  And he kept rubbing off the face paint.

One Pretty Peacock

 I originally saw the idea here.  But she only did the skirt in the back to seem more life-like.  But I wanted the full and fluffy tutu look.  And I changed up the colors for the feathers a bit.  My mom made the leotard from a Butterick 5545 pattern. And then I measured and cut a ton of tulle for the tutu.

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