Friday, September 18, 2009

Receiving Blanket

I found this flannel material at Jo-Anns and instantly knew I wanted to make it into a blanket for my baby girl.
First, make it square - I think the fabric was 44", so I just had them cut that same length. But you could fold it diagonally in half and cut the edge so that it's a square. Then I traced a salad plate around the corners to get the nice rounded corners.

I scanned the giraffe on the fabric and enlarged it to the size I wanted for an applique. So I used wonder under and fused it to the bottom corner and then hand stitched it with a dark thread so that showed up.

Place it right sides together with the back flannel piece and sew around the edges (leaving about 4-5" open to turn it right side out. Then, iron it flat and top-stitch around the finished edge (I used a decorative stitch to make it more girly.


  1. Hi Serena,

    You have some really cute projects on your blog! I really enjoyed browsing through!

  2. Love this pattern! Makes me wish I had a girl instead of 3 boys.