Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween Magnets

I have a ton of Halloween decorations that I made last year and some this year that I'm still working on . . . so I'm going to start staggering them through my posts.

I made these magnets last year using the glass drops (clear stone shaped glass pieces with a flat bottom and a convex top. I glued paper to the back side and attached a magnet to the back with a hot glue gun.

To the front, I rubbed on the vinly cut outs. You can make these without the vinyl and they still turn out really cool.

Non-holiday ideas . . . My sister-in-law teaches 8th grade and was looking for ways to decorate her classroom - so I glued some thumb tacks to the back instead of a magnet so she can use them on a cork board.

I also used sculpey clay and made candy corns too. After they had baked in the oven, I used a hot glue gun and attached the magnet to the back.

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