Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cereal/Cracker Box Mosiac

I saw these on Ashley's blog - Lil Blue Boo - and they instantly went on my "to do" list of crafts. I made them a couple months ago, but was trying to figure out where to hang them and lost track of them for a while. Oops.
I used 6"x6" canvas boards as the "frame" since they were on clearance :) and painted the sides yellow. Two of my boards used 1.5" squares of the boxes and one board used 2" squares for a different look. I think I like the 1.5" square look the best. These were fun to make. Since my son is younger, we don't have a lot of cracker/cereal boxes. So I called up my sister to save some good boxes for me so I would have a good variety.