Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn Wood Sign

I went over to vote for my favorite of the 10 Harvest Crafts creations at So You Think You're Crafty and liked several of them. I don't remember which one I ended up voting for, but #1 was something that caught my eye. I instantly thought "I have everything to make that already." The winning craft of the challenge will post a tutorial, but I didn't want to wait and wasn't sure if #1 would win this week's challenge. So I decided to try and make it on my own yesterday. The crafts are anonymous for voting purposes, so I don't know whose idea was to give them credit.

So here's my version of the "Count Your Blessings" board. My husband owns a cabinet business and saves some of the drawer fronts for me when he tears down people's old kitchens before installing their new ones. So before he takes it all to the dump, he brings me home some pieces from time to time. Here was the drawer front before I got my hands on it . . . ugly and in need of some TLC.
So, after a little paint, mod podge, paper, felt shapes and vinyl lettering, this board was transformed.


  1. That's the one I voted for! Yours looks awesome! I love it! I wish my hubby worked at a place he could bring me home goodies from! :)

  2. That is sooo cute!! You crafty little girl!

  3. I saw that there, and I loved it. Your version is awesome!

  4. wow you've got such a great skill! I don't know how to do..maybe I had bad memories at middleschool when I had art craft time.I tried really hard, did my best, but finalday when teacher so my art, she was mad and throw away my art to the ground really hard in front of everybody and said "are you joking?? 5 year old kids could make better than you!" after that I lost interest of my art -.-; haha