Friday, May 14, 2010

Gathered Clutch

Using this tutorial, I made a gathered clutch. This was my first attempt at a zipper - and it didn't go so bad. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the main fabric is a dark brown with a small pattern to it (it reminds me of a tweed jacket print, but smaller).

The tutorial was easy to follow, but I would suggest making the little tabs that cover the zipper ends longer so the zipper doesn't pucker at the opening end. I can't really zip it closed all the way since the zipper is so close to the edge.

I made a 2nd one the next day and it zips way better after making the tabs a bit longer so the zipper isn't as close to the edge.

It's even lined!!


  1. Very cute! These are on my to-do list as well! The pink and brown is adorable!

  2. Seriously....we're totally on the same page! I've been working on a few of these clutches (I messed up on the first 2, hopefully #3 will turn out better!), and I made some of the brag books last week!! I guess great minds think alike!!

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  4. I WANT ONE! You're so talented, Serena!

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