Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Shower Onesies

These are 2 onesies I gave as a baby shower gift.

The tie onesie was made using the template from Trey and Lucy.
The striped onesie has the number 3 on it because this is their 3rd child. On the back, I also appliqued "OTTO" and a big "3" for his last name like a baseball player . . . but my computer decided to shut itself down when I was trying to rotate the picture and now it's lost. So you'll have to use your imagination on that.


  1. Those turned out cute! love the 3 one!

  2. These are so great. A friend just had a little boy and these are just perfect to try on him.


  3. Love your blog! I gave you an award!

  4. Just want to let you know that I found you today, I love you, I added you to my fun links on the side, which aren't many! But, I am celebrating your awesomeness! Thanks for sharing!