Friday, February 25, 2011

Crochet: earwarmer and a hat!!!

I learned how to single crochet last year when we were making squares for quilts for the women's shelter at church.  But I haven't done anything since...until this past weekend.  For my first project, I made an earwarmer (it needs a flower or something, but I'm still working on that).  I used a smaller hook, so I only did 85 chains instead of the 91 in the pattern, and I didn't do as many rows of the decorative holes in the middle.  The nice thing about the holes is I can clip on a hair clip of my daughter's if I want an embelishment.
Then i tried my hand at making a hat.  I used this pattern, but I was making the 6-12 month size and somehow it ended up fitting my head instead.  I'm not sure what happened, but I counted my stitches the entire time and used the recommended hook size.  Maybe my gauge is off, but that seems like a huge difference...  oh well, I love the little button flap on the side! 


  1. Oh wow, I am so impressed! They both turned out adorable. Cute colors too. You learned how to crochet so quickly, good job!

  2. the size hook you should use depends on how tight/loose you crochet. Most patterns will tell you that so many stitches = 1 inch. you might have to change hook size to get the same as the pattern.