Monday, February 7, 2011

Heart Garland and Pillow Wrap

I decided I wanted a heart garland a couple weeks ago, so I dug through my felt stash and cut out a ton of little hearts.  I'm sure I cut out more than I used but my kids kept running away with them as I cut them, so I'm still finding more scattered around the house as the days go by.

After making the subway art pillow, I felt I needed something else on my other pillows.

I also made a wrap for my couch pillow.  My couch pillows are black, so I figured it was a good background to go with a wrap of hearts.  I will probably unstitch them and sew them onto a ribbon for next year though.  Right now, they are just tied together with the ends of the thread but it won't stay tight, so I'll probably sew them to a ribbon to be able to keep it tied on.  But I just did a fun decorative stitch as I fed the hearts through the sewing machine - which will make it trickier to pick out later :)


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  2. I LOVE IT! Did you cut out the hearts by hand? WOW. You have patience. Too cute!