Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Flower Garland

I wanted to make a flower garland like I did with my valentine's hearts...but I didn't feel in the mood to cut out lots of felt flowers.  So I used my Cricut and cut out some flowers out of cardstock. 
Then I sewed them in a line with my sewing machine.
I made this while my kids were sleeping, and when my 3 year old got up from his nap, he saw them and said "wow! good job, Mom" and went off to play with his toys.  At least someone notices the things I make without me pointing them I have to with my husband. :)


  1. Awe. "Good job mom" really is the best compliment isn't it? Very cute!

  2. I love them. I've been really into garland making for the holidays/seasons this year. I'm going to have to steal this idea. :)

  3. I thought I commented if you get this twice I'm sorry :)

    I was wondering what cartridge the flower was on and what size you used. I LOVE THIS!!


  4. Dave and Natalie... I used the Plantin cartridge that came with the cricut when I got it. And I cut them at 2.5 inches.

  5. Thanks!! Gonna get my craft on today :) (nothing like a few flowers to brighten a snowy day!)

  6. I love how easy and cute this idea is! And a side note... my son tells me good job all the time and it totally makes my day... since it is so hard to get a good job out of my husband when I make crafts!