Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wet Bag

I found this idea to make a wet bag. It can be used to put a wet swimsuit in to bring home or when we are potty training and have an accident out of the house. I can put the wet items in this bag and then not get my diaper bag wet.
I made mine a square - finished size 9"x9" instead of the 9"x12" in the tutorial. I didn't have the waterproof fabric that she mentions, but I did have some of the clear plasticy vinyl. That was tricky to sew with, but using tissue paper between the machine and the vinyl helped.

My fabric seemed too plain and needed something else. I used freezer paper stenciling by cutting out the letters with my cricut and used fabric paint to put the words on the front. I also applique'd the yellow circle on the front with wonder under.


  1. So cute! I love the added text to set it apart from the rest. I've also seen these made with shower curtains as the waterproof fabric...

  2. How cute! What a great summer craft! :)